Joining Together

MarcUS for Change has worked on several project with the Boys and Girls Club of Stamford. Recently, we sponsored a student ambassador from Kids Helping Kids ( to lead a program at the Boys and Girls Club that demonstrated how to build a vertical garden. See the link to check out this amazing powerpoint presentation at:

Alike, Marcus For Change strives to improve the well being of at-risk children. Mentoring programs are vital to the success of these organizations. It is important to support or even be apart of these programs- as you may just make a life-changing impact on a child. For ideas, consider sponsoring a child to go to camp at the Boys and Girls Club for a week only $100. Visit

3 Easy Ways to Be the Change

We are genetically wired to connect with each other. We want to be needed and belong.  Small acts of kindness can create big changes in a young person's life.  

Here are few ways to be the change in a young person's life: 

1. Volunteer: There are countless numbers of organizations and non-profits that are in constant need of volunteers to help with events. Whether it is signing up to help with a day-long event, or telling your friends about the importance of an organization, each and every minute dedicated towards a cause is so vital. Marcus For Change is always looking for volunteers to help with our annual 5k walk/run. In addition, we are always in need of advocates that are willing to spread the word about the importance of our organization and how we are striving for change.

2. Donate: It is understandable that life can get hectic and sometimes it may be hard to set aside time to dedicate to attending an event. Donating to a cause is just as important and appreciated as time spent is. Many organizations depend on the kindness of people's donations to help fund and sponsor important rallies or events.Marcus For Change is always appreciative of every cent that goes into our organization in the hopes of continually helping Stamford's children throughout the education system.

3.Organize: Every organization begins with an idea and a foundation that is targeted towards a specific cause or group of people. If you are passionate about starting something that is not yet recognized or established- why not create something yourself? Being an inspiration to others may ignite a spark in their mind as well. Marcus For Change is passionate about helping youth who need it most, and we strive to raise awareness and interest in others that are passionate about this as well.

Any call to action, big or small, is important in the world today. So many youth are in need of guidance, and are many times not offered the resources they need in order to succeed. Volunteering, donating, or organizing something are just a few ways in which you can contribute to being the change in somebody's life.